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Not a day goes by without online criminals sending emails with dangerous content. Spam, phishing and malware are terms that we encounter again and again in everyday life. And not only the terms – in our email inboxes, the fake news pose daily threats.

Comprehensive protection against the unwanted emails requires a lot of expertise, resources and a comprehensive view of the entire email traffic. For those who also have higher data protection requirements or want to maintain the flexibility of their own infrastructure, the search for a suitable solution is not easy. However, managing a self-operated spam filter not only ties up resources, but also requires comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of the latest threats. With eXpurgate, we offer you a solution that suits you. On-premise or cloud: our e-mail security solution is geared to your requirements.

Reliable email security:
99.99 % detection rate

eXpurgate detects spam with high reliability (99.99%) with very few misclassifications of legitimate e-mails as spam.

eXpurgate not only finds spam, but also reliably detects fraud attempts such as phishings, BEC and scams.

Whether additional virus protection or protection of outgoing e-mail systems – integration into your infrastructure can be implemented easily and quickly.

Only absolutely necessary data is collected and processed strictly in accordance with German law. Your data is safe with us.

Spam is blocked before it reaches the corporate infrastructure. This significantly reduces e-mail traffic. This leads to savings in hardware costs and system resources.

We operate several data centers in Germany and thus offer you reliable, secure e-mail communication.

Our eXpurgate solution does not require any complex adjustments or learning phases.

E-mail security from eleven

Early defense against spam and phishing

With eXpurgate, eleven offers an e-mail security solution that checks incoming e-mail before it enters your company’s infrastructure. In this way, eXpurgate detects potential threats at an early stage and effectively protects your mail servers from spam and phishing e-mails. With our unique e-mail categorization, you can once again sustainably improve the efficiency of your company’s e-mail communication.

Simple and straightforward

Maximum protection, minimum effort: eXpurgate

All spam emails have one thing in common: for spam to be profitable, it must be sent in large quantities. Our eXpurgate technology therefore places the mass e-mail criterion at the heart of its spam detection process. In this way, we offer your company a reliable and, above all, stable spam detection rate of well over 99.99%. Regardless of language and characters, our eXpurgate solution also recognizes new spam variants without the need for time-consuming adjustments and updates.

None Loss of relevant emails

The loss of business-related emails due to their mis-categorization as spam is one of the biggest risks for business email communication. In addition to financial damage, lost e-mails can have a lasting impact on the relationship of trust between customers and business partners. By using the bulk email criterion, we minimize the risk of important emails being classified as a threat and ending up in the spam folder.

Made In Germany

Secure infrastructures to protect your data

If data is stored outside the European legal area, uncertain legal situations entail risks for companies. Therefore, data security and the physical location of the data are among the most important criteria when selecting an email security solution. We process your data exclusively in certified data centers in Germany and, as a German company, are subject to the strict German, as well as European data protection guidelines.

E-mail gateway

On premise or cloud?
We offer your company the option that suits you

Security installed on site

With our email security gateway installed in Germany, we offer anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-malware features that protect your incoming and outgoing emails. At eXpurgate, not only the e-mail itself, but also the transport routes of the e-mail are secured with the latest standards.

Your protection from the cloud

We offer you 100% security from the cloud. Our cloud technology uses multiple detection methods and smart resolution approaches to protect you from spam, malware, phishing, and targeted attacks. With our cloud storage from Germany, we focus on the protection of your data.

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