10 Facts about eXpurgate

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10 Facts about eXpurgate

According to the news service "Welt", more than 50% of all e-mails are spam. Unsolicited emails are not only annoying, but especially dangerous.

expurgate helps!

The e-mail security solution detects potential threats at an early stage and effectively protects mail servers from spam and pishing e-mails.

Thousands of satisfied customers trust the premium email security service eXpurgate. But what is so special about our solution?

In this article you will learn 10 facts about eXpurgate and get to know our complete and integrated e-mail security solution from a single source!

1. over 50% of all private e-mails in Germany are protected by eXpurgate

From 1 – 1,000,000 mailboxes: eXpurgate fits every company. Our customers benefit from our many years of expertise in the OEM sector. Inaddition, integration into different infrastructures can be implemented easily and quickly.

2. no downtime in 22 years!

We operate several data centers in Germany and thus offer reliable, secure e-mail communication. Our geo-redundant data centers are operated in Germany and secure you and your customers reliably and continuously.

3. over 99.9% spam detection rate

Unwanted mails are blocked before they reach the corporate structure. At the same time, eXpurgate is characterized by extremely high accuracy.

4. 100% made and operated in Germany

Legally compliant, DSGVO compliant, GOBD compliant? We guarantee maximum data protection.

5. more than just a spam filter: eXpurgate also detects fraud attempts

eXpurgate offers comprehensive protection against phishings, BEC and scams! Such fraud attempts are reliably warded off and do not stand a chance.

6. on-premises or cloud

The products of eXpurgate flexibly adapt to your individual requirements. Either on-premises, or simply and conveniently from the cloud. With both options, we guarantee the highest security standards and first-class support.

7. guaranteed false positive rate of…

…only < 0.00005 %! But what does that mean? The false positive rate indicates the number of cases in which e-mails were wrongly classified as spam. With such a low FP rate, you’re more likely to get struck by lightning or killed by a comet strike!

8. security expert since 2001

For over 22 years, eXpurgate has been identifying potential threats at an early stage and reliably protecting mail servers. The time-tested and safe solution is now more intelligent and powerful than any other!
you can learn more about our history.

9. 360 degree protection

Simple and secure – you get an e-mail security solution from us with a
360 degree protection
. Umple security features are already included. So you don’t have to book any additional features. eXpurgate is a holistic Email security solution from a single source. We care about the safety of your customers!

10. no hidden costs

eXpurgate is maintenance-free and does not require any complex adjustments . Clean mail traffic saves hardware costs and system resources. Accordingly, it is possible that your admins devote themselves to more important tasks.

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