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eleven offers companies comprehensive e-mail security Made In Germany. With our intelligent email security solutions, excellent support and future-proof private cloud service, we secure business email communication and reliably protect against spam, malware and phishing.

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eleven: Important developments for your future-proof security


New version of the Structure Fingerprint

The improved version of the Structure Fingerprint makes it possible to differentiate the content of an e-mail via multiple paths. The HTML content of an email is no longer just scanned and analyzed, but understood and only the relevant parts are used for analysis.


New phishing category

From the very beginning, our product eXpurgate identifies phishing attacks. With the introduction of an explicit phishing category, there is a possibility that customers will treat emails identified as phishing differently from the usual unsolicited spam.


New phishing category

New Detection Entities: Subject, IP, Subject-Body-Fingerprint

The newly captured entities make it even faster to identify and eliminate unwanted emails.


Transaction Based Detection

It’s not just content that counts: Transaction-based recognition is being rolled out. Without knowing the content of an email, detection decisions can be made based on transaction patterns, such as IP sending behavior.


Structure Fingerprint

The Structure Fingerprint is an additional tool for spam detection. In addition to the existing fingerprints on individual aspects of an e-mail, the structure fingerprint evaluates the e-mail as a whole.


enSurance 1.0

The enSurance e-mail firewall protects our customers from extreme load peaks.


Virus Outbreak Detection

With our code-based virus protection and early virus detection technology, our product safely protects against dangerous emails.



Our first managed e-mail security solution: eXpurgate



Hailstorm attacks describe receiving a lot of unsolicited emails within a short period of time. They pose challenges for spam filters: despite the smallest latencies, many e-mails remain undetected at the beginning of such attacks. With eXflowCtl, we have an API that intelligently makes recommendations based on decision characteristics to temporarily reject certain emails (so-called “greylisting”). This time gained reduces the detection gap to a minimum.


Feed Delivery Framework

With our self-developed API framework we can react flexibly to customer requests in the area of APIs. Whether data for mail tracking or detection information on individual e-mails is required, the API Framework forms the basis for a simple and unified implementation of APIs.


New version of the image fingerprint

Not only readable text, but also images are used for recognition. Improved image fingerprinting ensures that the latest image spam tricks are reliably detected.


New version Outbreak Detection

An improved version of Outbreak Detection helps detect viruses and malware even faster and more reliably. Instead of relying on signature-based virus scanners, Outbreak Detection detects recurring patterns of file attachments within seconds. These often contain viruses and other malware.


Even safer & more reliable

To offer customers an even better solution, we have redeveloped the eXpurgate technology. This allows us to detect spam, phishing and malware even more reliably and quickly.


New features for better email security

New functions for the security of our customers: Freezing, Loop Protection, Content Protection, Quarantine



The database mirroring eXcacheD was developed for use by large ISPs.


eleven GmbH

On December 15, 2001, eleven GmbH was founded in Berlin.

Content Services Group

In February 2022, the companies dataglobal and windream will merge under the umbrella of the Content Services Group. In order to strategically expand the portfolio, the group will be joined by eleven cyber security GmbH in August 2022. With the resources and team of eleven cyber security GmbH, the Group gains valuable expertise in the areas of cyber security and cloud technology.

eleven cyber security GmbH most recently operated under the name Cyren GmbH and was a division of Cyren Ltd. As part of the purchase, the team is taking over its old brand name eleven.

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