The ultimate protection against spam, phishing and malware with over 99.9999 % detection rate

Fend off Advanced Threates with eXpurgate

Extended protection

eXpurgate blocks spam, malware, malicious attachments and URLs, as well as targeted phishing attacks such as CEO Fraud and Business Email Compromise.

One solution for everything

eXpurgate works with Microsoft Exchange Server, Office 365 or other standards-based servers and extends them with Advanced Threat Protection and Sandboxing.

Security experts

With over 20 years in the market, we offer first-class security expertise - whether for large customers or SMEs.

Emails are analyzed daily by expurgate
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Our goal is to detect and prevent attacks on your corporate or business data.

In the world of cyber threats currently plaguing your business, there is one area of particular concern: email security.

It’s imperative that you protect against today’s sophisticated threats, which are becoming more sophisticated and costing businesses billions each year. With eXpurgate, eleven offers a solution that gives you the highest level of protection to defend against these threats.

Protect your company effectively with eXpurgate

By using eXpurgate, spam is detected with an exceptionally high accuracy of 99.9999%.

In addition to effective spam filtering, eXpurgate also provides reliable protection against fraudulent activities such as phishing, BEC, ransomware and scams.

We collect only the indispensable data and treat it strictly in accordance with the applicable German laws. Our solution is developed and hosted in Germany.

Our defenses against cyber-attacks are highly effective and prevent unwanted emails from reaching your company’s infrastructure. This significantly reduces email traffic and saves you valuable resources and hardware costs.

Our company operates several geo-redundant data centers in Germany to provide you with highly reliable and absolutely secure email correspondence.

Recognition rate of over

99,9999 %

eXpurgate.Cloud packages

Are you looking for an email security solution from the cloud?

eXpurgate.Cloud uses multiple detection methods and smart approaches to protect you from spam, malware, phishing and targeted attacks.

On Premise? eXpurgate.Inhouse is your security solution installed on site.

With our email security gateway installed in Germany, we offer anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-malware features that protect your incoming and outgoing emails.

Security in times of mass spam: eXpurgate protects your company

Our technology offers your company a spam detection rate of over 99.9999%. No matter what language or characters, our system even recognizes new spam variants without any necessary adjustments. You can rest assured that your emails are safe and your productivity is not affected by annoying spam. With eXpurgate, you benefit from an effective and efficient solution that saves you time and money.

Talk to our Sales Team

With eXpurgate, you can expect a solution that covers your e-mail security. Talk to us about getting started or more details about our packages.

eXpurgate scans 50% of private email traffic and promises effectiveness and precision.

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