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Get to know all the advantages of eleven

  • 99.9% availability and 99% detection rate
  • eXpurgate not only finds spam, but also detects phishing, BEC and scams
  • Complete control over the system and extensive configuration options
  • 100% Privacy
  • Focusing on essential features when categorizing emails reduces network traffic and increases speed

Our goal is to detect and prevent attacks on your corporate communications.

eleven’s customers are companies of all sizes and from all industries. We also meet specific requirements of individual industries, such as the high security regulations in banks or the delay-free checking of the highest e-mail volumes at ISPs.

Minimize the threats

Every second mail is unwelcome:

  • eXpurgate identifies them reliably
  • >99 % guaranteed recognition rates

Your email security is our drive

It’s no surprise that email is the primary means of communication today. Unfortunately, it is also very insecure. Therefore, our drive is the security of your email communication. Together, we minimize your threats and ensure secure and reliable communication via mail.


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