Office 365 alone does not create security!

Optimal protection with eXpurgate.Cloud

Microsoft 365 is one of the most widely used cloud-based Office applications in both the corporate and public sectors. In addition to Word, Excel and Co., the Outlook e-mail program is also provided from the cloud. Outlook is used for sending as well as receiving e-mails. Furthermore, the program is used to manage appointments and tasks. While Microsoft already sets its own security measures for O365, cybercriminals still manage to exploit the system’s vulnerabilities.

Learn how to increase Office 365 email security and protect your company from cyberattacks here.

What are the vulnerabilities of Office 365?

The popular Microsoft software package is available as a subscription and has its own security features. The Outlook e-mail solution comes with built-in Exchange Online Protection. The service, known as EOP in short form, is supposed to detect malicious programs and spam. Malicious emails are identified by certain algorithms and moved to a junk or spam folder. This protection is also intended to prevent phishing emails from ending up in the spam folder. However, the junk mailbox is accessible to the recipient and the emails in the mailbox can be opened despite potential danger. Thus, the user will still have access to a malicious link and there is a possibility that a dangerous program will be downloaded via this mailbox. Another problem with the Outlook application is the deletion behavior of the EOP service. Emails that are moved to a junk mailbox are quarantined. Office 365 ‘s built-in security system deletes these messages after 30 days. If e-mails are unjustifiably classified as malicious, then a deletion of potentially important messages takes place. This is another vulnerability of MS Office 365, because the user misses legitimate emails. While private users of O365 can quickly find incorrectly sorted messages in the spam folder, processing e-mails in the junk mailbox of large companies is problematic. Separating a flood of phishing emails and other malicious messages from information incorrectly classified as spam is complicated and disrupts the work of IT administrators. External email security solutions, such as eXpurgate, ensure that messages are checked before they cause additional work in the O365 inbox. IT administrators are relieved and potential threats are quickly eliminated.

Protection against spam and malware with eXpurgate

If you want to increase Office 365 email security and are looking for an intelligent protection system, eXpurgate is for you. The e-mail security solution detects threats in time and protects your company from phishing messages and spam. We offer you efficient email categorization that will help you improve corporate communication. Cyber attacks are reliably blocked and Office 365 is safe to use. We specialize in cyberattack prevention and offer secure use of Microsoft 365.

eXpurgate.Cloud stops cybercriminals and CEO fraud

The so-called CEO fraud scam is already known to many. Cyber criminals pretend to be the boss and scam employees into transferring money at short notice. To stop this scam, we have further specialized our email categorization service. Continuous analyses and knowledge from the eXpurgate Intelligence Hub reliably identify and sort out impostor e-mails. eXpurgate identifies spoofed senders, recognizes many other characteristics of fraudulent messages and reliably sorts them out.

Relevant content arrives reliably

Using Microsoft 365 alone carries the risk that business-relevant emails will not arrive in the recipient’s inbox. It happens that O365 wrongly classifies messages as spam and directs them to the company’s large junk mailbox. Here are many more emails besides the misclassified mail. IT administrators face a major challenge in separating harmless mail from the numerous phishing and other malicious messages in the junk mailbox. It requires expertise, time and a lot of effort. Our bulk email criterion minimizes the risk of important emails being classified as threats and ending up in the spam folder. We make sure business-relevant content gets to you, so IT administrators can get back to things other than email categorization.

How the cloud-based service works

eXpurgate.Cloud scans incoming e-mails and divides them into different categories. If the classification is done, then secure messages will be forwarded to your mail server. Spam messages and phishing attempts are sorted out. You will no longer miss relevant messages and increase email security. Damaging communication is detected by experience from the eXpurgate Intelligence Hub. Malicious email characteristics and suspicious patterns are transmitted to this system and analyzed. The information is collected and evaluated worldwide. If an analysis is available and a feature is significant for detecting a malicious email, then this feature is used to classify future messages. By using the cloud, you get an up-to-date security system that uses the latest information to detect malicious emails in seconds.

Optimal security through combination of O365 and eXpurgate.Cloud

The Microsoft subscription protects your organization from malicious emails only to a limited extent, because the integrated security service has vulnerabilities. But these can be closed by combining O365 with our eXpurgate.Cloud. Our cloud-based service reliably protects you from phishing, malware, spam messages and other harmful communications. You will receive all relevant emails and will not have to worry about important messages being deleted from a junk mailbox. We use cloud servers that are located in Germany and of course comply with the DSGVO requirements. Only data relevant to the proper operation of the safety system is stored. Your data remains safe and is handled with the utmost care. Malware is detected quickly and, above all, reliably. The service’s detection rate is over 99.8 percent.

No complex software installation necessary

No complicated software installation is required for eXpurgate.Cloud. You do not need any training and an update will not cause your IT system to fail. We reliably defend against e-mail-based attacks and are already convincingly deploying our service at companies and government agencies. Thanks to many years of experience and proven analysis systems, we can offer you reliable anti-spam protection. Combine our cloud-based service with O365 and create more security in corporate communications.

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