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FAQ about the Cyren Shutdown


Of course, our support and sales team will continue to be available to answer any questions you may have: / +49 (0) 30 / 520056-130 / +49 (0) 30 / 520056-205

Carve out / sale of eleven in 2022

No! eleven cyber security GmbH has been independent since August 3, 2022, when it was sold to the dataglobal Group (formerly Content Services Group). Therefore, the dismissals and the announced termination of the service does not concern eleven.

No. eleven cyber security GmbH was sold to dataglobal Group GmbH (formerly Content Services Group) on August 3, 2022( and Thus, eleven is a limited liability company independent of Cyren. Only some components have been further licensed so far (Sandbox, Dual Engine, Cyren Anti Malware Engine).

With the sale by Cyren, the following products have become the property of eleven cyber security GmbH:

– eXpurgate.Cloud (formerly Cyren Email Security) at or

– eXpurgate.Cloud at

– eXpurgate

We, too, only learned of Cyren’s mass dismissal from the press release. Since it is expected that the services used by Cyren (Sandbox, Dual Engine, Cyren Anti Malware Engine) will be discontinued along with the layoffs, we have decided to inform you transparently and fully about this and to shut down services as a precautionary measure, where quality losses are to be expected without ongoing support from Cyren (Sandbox and Dual Engine).

eXpurgate.Inhouse general

Yes! Spam filtering by eXpurgate, eleven’s engine, continues to function without restriction.

The Cyren Malware Detection Engine runs locally and receives regular updates from Cyren. Currently, these updates are still available, but it can be assumed that these updates will be discontinued soon. The detection of previously known viruses still works. Only new viruses would not be detected anymore, because there are no more updates from Cyren. Outbreak detection and filtering for potentially dangerous attachments (Manage File Type or Dangerous.Attachment) work completely independently of the virus scanner.

eXpurgate.Inhouse still has an interface for Avira SAVAPI. You can therefore run eXpurgate with SAVAPI instead of the Cyren Malware Detection Engine. For this you need a license, which you can obtain from Avira(, ). We cannot provide a license for SAVAPI at this time, but we will endeavor to provide one as soon as possible.

No. There will be no impact on the eXpurgate infrastructure. This also refers to the IPs you know.

eXpurgate.Cloud general

Of course! The eXpurgate.Inhouse and eXpurgate.Cloud services continue to function as usual. Only the Cyren components (sandbox and dual engine) were deactivated as a precaution, since quality losses are to be expected without ongoing support from Cyren. The Cyren Anti Malware Engine continues to work – but we cannot say at this point how long this will be the case.

eXpurgate has used only a small part of Cyren’s own components. However, much of the detection performance, including not only spam but also virus outbreaks and known viruses, is part of the actual eXpurgate service operated by eleven. Therefore, we will still be able to reliably protect your mailbox from spam and malware.

We have decided to deactivate the dual engine for eXpurgate.Cloud (formerly Cyren Email Security). Without ongoing support from Cyren, quality losses are to be expected here, for which we do not want to be responsible to you. 

The Cyren Malware Detection Engine as well as the Cyren Sandbox are still working – however, we cannot say at this moment how long this will be the case.

No. Not only, but all hostnames in eleven’s domains,, and are not affected.

Yes, the web interface will still be available to configure eXpurgate.Cloud (formerly Cyren Email Security). However, we have been working on a successor interface since the sale last August. This is expected to be available in the first half of 2023. We will inform you in good time about the migration that will then take place and what steps you may need to take.


Currently, the Cyren Malware Detection Engine is still working. Regardless of this, we are in the process of integrating a new signature-based AV solution into eXpurgate. We expect the integration to be complete in a few weeks and you will then be able to switch to a new AV solution. 

If you use eXpurgate.Cloud (formerly Cyren Email Security), you don’t have to do anything else. The changeover takes place automatically.

Currently, the Cyren Sandbox is still working. We are evaluating alternative Sandbox solutions but cannot say when we will be able to offer a replacement solution at this time.

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